Now hiring bilingual personal with minimum 1 year experience in the MSB/check cashing industry.
If you are interested in working for El Guero Check Cashing, please go here and fill out a brief form expressing your interest and we will get back with you.


Many people in America have written a hot check to pay a bill or buy groceries. Why does this happen? Your payroll check deposited on a Friday will not be available until the following day or possibly even Monday. That inconvenience causes headaches and bank fees. This is where a check casher comes into play. Cashing your check is quick cash to take care of the pressing bills and avoid those bank fees. Of course there is a fee to cash your check but a $5 fee to cash a $300 check is miniscule when compared to a $35 return check fee or disconnected utilities. Next time you're standing in line at the bank, afraid your check won't clear in time, don't be afraid to walk out and visit your local check casher.


recargas de telefono a Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Cuba, Nicaragua, Columbia, Venezuela y mas.
Available only at the Canal and Longpoint locations.